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2011 Retrospect

by Azlan

As 2011 draws to close, I thought it’d be nice to review, and reflect what has gone on with my running season this year.

It has been a year where I ran close to 10 races, with 2 races I did not start due to injury. It will probably be the first and last time I did such a thing as I move on to more important goals in running for 2012.

Racing highlights of 2011:

  • Terry Fox Run: A great run to start the year with, having run with some friends who are non-runners. Looking forward to running it again next year.
  • Men’s Health Urbanathlon: Probably the most expensive race by far, enjoyable despite the price tag. Still deciding whether to go for it again next year.
  • 2XU Compression Run: Pricey 12k run, but the route was alright. Do not think will be running it again next year.
  • 100Plus Passion Run: Hot run. Will not be running it again next year.
  • Sundown Marathon: Achieved a new personal best for my marathon category at 5:01:19. Was very close at achieving a Sub-5.
  • Jurong Lake Run: My last run before I got injured and was sidelined for 2 months. A good run in the west nevertheless, but needs more waterpoints.
  • Yellow Ribbon Prison Run: One of the first runs after my injury, challenging and hot course.
  • Nike We Run SG 10K: One of the more poorly managed races this year.
  • New Balance Real Run: My 3rd Real Run, but my role this time was more of a pacer for a friend.
  • Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore: A memorable run despite not having clocked a personal best.

Apart from races, meeting Kilian Jornet was just something I never thought would happen. To meet with a word class athlete of his level, and getting to hear him speak in person is definitely the highlight of 2011.

Me with Kilian!

Me with Kilian!

Next year will be different. Will be participating in less of the shorter races to spend more time to prepare for ultra-running and trail-running. Training will be not be any easier as I have school to juggle it with my part-time studies, as well as full-time work. There has been a lot of mixed feelings and downtime this year, and hopefully I can train correctly and not get myself injured so often. All in all, besides personal troubles, it has been a fruitful year for running.

I shall leave you with a video from Salomon Running. Hopefully, it will inspire your own goals for next year. Happy new year everyone!


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GEorge May 23, 2014 - 10:51 PM

Wow! Lucky to meet the main man of trail running! Thanks for pointing me to RacingThePlanet, i have been searching high and low for hydrapak replacement for my skin pro 3 race pack!


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