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2012 Retrospect

by Azlan

A 2012 retrospect of the years highs, lows, and the future direction.

It is that time of the year where everyone reflects back on the past year, and make preparations for the next. I’ am often very reluctant to write any, but I feel that as with any ‘writer’, I should at the very least make a contribution by sharing my thoughts.

Thank you!

I have been blessed that running has opened quite a number of doors, not so much in terms of opportunities (I will get to that), but more so by the number of people I have been able to interact with in 2012. It has been great to be able to communicate and share knowledge and experiences with other like-minded people; such is the power of social media. Thank you all once again for coming to visit my blog, even though the information here is small (as compared to other blogs) and a work in progress .

Another big thank you that I will extend is to Merliza, Adele, and Dixie, who gave me opportunity to meet Anton Krupicka, and be part of the media crew for Sundown Marathon 2012. I’ am eternally grateful to you ladies, and once again, thank you!

Direction (Blog)

This blog will continue to host race reviews of races I’ am participating in, gear review, and occasional sports science columns (though I may be too busy at this point with school).

But as mentioned the previous section, that is as far as opportunities go. I have never been good at public relations and am not a very prominent figure in the running scene. As much as I would love to be part and parcel of a media invite to cover an event of sorts, do a product review, or maybe even try gear prototypes; I would surmise that, that is something external and out of my hands.

Direction (Social media)

I use Twitter (and Facebook) primarily as a networking tool, as well as to retweet information that I find useful for runners, as well as other interesting links. The link to my profile is at the top of the page. So do follow me for the latest updates. For any queries you may have, you can me there as well. For anything else that is lengthy, you can always drop me an email. Everything else social media related is up there, so feel free to add me on the relevant networks.

Direction (Me)

Within my circle of friends and classmates, everyone knows that I’ am making a serious commitment to trail and ultra running. Things did not go as planned due to the bad foot sprain I sustained in November, causing me to drop out of the SCMS Marathon. Recently, I have had good progress and was able to start running again, though the sore spots on my foot is still a problem. I’ am however, hoping to begin proper ultra-marathon training from January.

At the moment, I see ultra-running as a long term goal. Thought ambitious as it may seem, I hope to accomplish all of the races below before I reach 30. At times, I always get the feeling that somewhere out there, someone reading this is probably scoffing at the idea. But then again, I certainly can’t change anything by just sitting on my chair and doing nothing.




Highlights for 2012

  • Sundown Marathon

    A race where I nearly did not want to start because of a last minute injury (or rather a sore spot). But I went ahead and recorded a new personal best for the marathon distance, which is the Sub-5 I had initially targeted when I started running almost 3 years ago.

  • Meeting Anton Krupicka

    A definite highlight of the year was meeting, running, and speaking with Anton Krupicka, a New Balance trail runner and ambassador . I first got to know of Anton when I was watching the Unbreakable: The Western States 100 movie trailer (which was also how I got to know of Kilian Jornet and all the other big names of the sport). Being able to stand aside and speak with him for about 15 minutes was enough for me to realize that the people involved with this sport are just, unique, in a good way.

  • Meeting Kami Semick

    It came as a surprise when I was informed that Kami Semick was scheduled to be in Singapore to promote The North Face 100 event. As with the previous success of meeting Anton Krupicka, I jumped at the opportunity to meet another professional ultra-runner. While this running group was much larger than the previous one above, it was good to be able learn about their experiences and further broaden my view of the sport.

  • The North Face 100

    My first attempt at doing a trail race met with good results and renewed sense of direction for the sport that I only recently begun to understand and enjoy. The North Face 100 was a stellar race, not just by virtue of its challenges, but by the meticulous planning I had made with regards to race day nutrition, something that I will continue to work on.

Final thoughts

I will remember 2012 best for a slew of successful races, but also for ending it with an injury which should have been avoided.  I will now leave you to watch this wonderful video from Salomon Running. Happy holidays everyone! See you in 2013!

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