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2013 Retrospect

by Azlan

For me, 2013 was different than previous years; I pushed myself harder than I’ve ever done before. Here are some of the highlights.

March 2013

Tembusu College Vertical Marathon

My very first Vertical Marathon … and I enjoyed it quite a lot! Looking forward to the next edition of the race.

Race Bib

Pretty affordable vertical marathon.

March 2014

Sabah Adventure Challenge

My very first multi-day race and ultra-marathon. Made lots of friends and came back with a better insight into preparing and racing an ultra-endurance event. A recommended race for those wishing to try out ultra-running.

Singaporean Contigent of Runners

Singaporean Contingent of Runners

I even came out in the newspaper! More of that here.

A 15-minute interview became an article in today's copy of the Berita Harian.

Well, I suck at other sports, not really because they weren’t any fun.

May 2013

Sundown Marathon

My 4th Sundown event. Managed to reduce my time by 10 minutes from last year, but wasn’t enough to go under 4.5 hours.
It is still one of my favorite yearly running events.

4 Marathon, 4 Years, 4 Personal Bests; Whats next?

4 Marathon, 4 Years, 4 Personal Bests.

August 2013

Inter-Tertiary Institute Staff – National University of Singapore Society (ITIS-NUSS) Games

First time running as team. Broke my 5k personal best and managed to bag a runners up medal!

Members of the NUS staff running team.

Members of the NUS staff running team.

October 2013

Fremantle Half Marathon

Broke my 3 year old half-marathon personal best in my first overseas road race, while attending a 2.5 weeks school trip.

Myself crossing the line. Thanks for the photo Ivan!

I wasn’t feeling too well and my mileage was quite low. Still lucky to be alive.

December 2013

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

I realized I haven’t written a race report yet.
Given my rotten run with SCMS (cramps in 2011, injured in 2012), I came into this years race with no intention of breaking any personal bests. However, I surprised myself by finishing in a time of 4hr 24mins.

Please mind the topless dude behind me.


And that caps off 2013. It was a year full of great races and positive developments in running. I hope 2013 has been great for you as well.

Just remember, just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean the training stops. Train hard, race harder, and holiday the hardest!

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