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NUS x Henderson Waves Runaround

by Azlan

The NUS x Henderson Waves Runaround is part of a series of articles for introducing runners to different running routes around Singapore. A belated post, considering it’s been about a month since the photos and videos were recorded. Nevertheless I’ve finally found the ideas and inspiration to put this article together. 

I first got to know of this route after I started running with a bunch of other staff at the National University of Singapore (NUS). The first training session was a rather painful one; hill intervals. Subsequently, I became comfortable with the route and came to enjoy the peace and serenity of the park after a hectic day at work.

For the purpose of this article, I will explain the route as starting from NUS. Your starting point may vary.

Course Profile and Video log can be found at the end of the post.

Lower Kent Ridge Road (map)

Alongside my training buddy, we set off our run just outside the nearby Cheers store, which is located at Yusof Ishak House. The start of the run involves a moderate slop that runs parallel to the main road.

Follow the red bricked pavement. The slope should level out at this point.

Once you have passed the overhead bridge, turn left into a flight of stairs.

Flight of stairs leading up to CDTL.

Follow the red bricked steps and you’ll reach the top!

Once you have reached the top, one more concrete slope and stairs await before reaching Kent Ridge Road.

On the right hand side is CDTL, another one of NUS’s administrative buildings. But you’re not going in there.

Kent Ridge Road (map)

Kent Ridge Road is a quiet road just adjacent the Central Library that will eventually exit to the National University Hospital (NUH). It has moderate level slopes, but most are down-slopes  if you are following this route.

Once you see the hospital buildings, you have almost reached the traffic junction.

South Buona Vista Road (The Junction)

Upon leaving NUS, you will reach this traffic junction. This junction is interesting as it can lead you to an alternate route to enter Kent Ridge Park (maybe another time).

At this junction, cross the road and keep left, then make a right turn at the end of it.

Science Park Drive (map)

The entrance to Kent Ridge Park is situated at the end of Science Park Drive. This road is rather flat and shouldn’t be much of a trouble in the journey to Henderson Waves. There is even a Starbucks located mid-way through the route.

The entrance is to Kent Ride Park is on the right side of the road following the pavement.

Kent Ridge Park

A flight of stairs opposite a block of apartments signal the entry into Kent Ridge Park.

When the steps are wet, it can be very slippery. Take extra precaution!

Keep left on entering the park and this flat road will lead to the up-slope section of the park.

Once you have survived the never-ending up-slopes, you will be greeted with another junction accompanied by a sign post.

Follow the direction towards Hort Park.

Vigilante Drive (map)

If you wish to drive to Kent Ridge Park, then undoubtedly you will have to reach it via this road. A quiet road which you are able to run on, but watch out for oncoming traffic.

There’s also a toilet with a vending machine nearby (far right).

At the very end of the park, there is a long flight of stairs which connects to Hort Park.

A very long flight of stairs down. Take special precaution when wet!

This series of slopes is located just under the Canopy Walk.

Easier to go down, harder to go up.

Easier to go down, harder to go up.

Hort Park

At the start of Hort Park,  you  have the option of going up a moderate up-slope or sticking to the flat road. Either way will lead you to the exit of Hort Park.

Caterbury Road (map) runs parallel to the hill at the top.

Hyderabad Road

This road runs parallel to the park as well as some private estates. If you had chosen to run up-slope earlier, then you will have to run through this road to get to Hort Park Exit.

Be a little extra careful and keep right on this road.

Alexandra Arch / Forest Walk

Once you have reached the entrance of Alexandra Arch, make your way to the top of the Forest Walk.

Once you reach this bridge, this are a little simpler.

Just be careful when the floor is wet after the rain.

Ouch! Training buddy took a cut to the knee.

As well as some few bruises on the delts.

The run up forest walk is pretty challenging by itself.

A pretty scenic view.

Half way there. 

Henderson Waves

I don’t have much pictures of the journey between Forest Walk and Henderson waves, but follow the directional signs and you should be fine.

Finally reached!

Two triumphant dudes.


I hope this article has been useful should you wish to try this rather challenging, but unique route. Till the next time!

Course Profile

To access the course on Garmin Connect, click here. You will be able to save the course to your compatible Garmin watch by choosing “Send to Device”.

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