Sport Climbing Proficiency Level 1 Course

Sport Climbing Proficiency Level 1 Course

This was an opportunity that was too hot to pass up, so this, is a short narrative on my first experiences of rock/sports climbing. The event was a promotion from Mens’ Health Singapore, most probably to promote the climbing culture in Singapore, since, from todays briefing, sports climbing has been including the SEA Games, thus, the Singapore Sports Council has to follow suit and find qualified and adept climbers to bring in the gold. That’s just my thought anyway.

What startled me was the cost of the course; something that was originally priced at about $60 was now going for $15, even better than Groupon! Seeing as that I did miss the earlier window to sign up for the course, I quickly informed Alif, and we both signed up for the course there and then.

Both myself and Alif got confused regarding the transportation to the place, as we were both West-staying people, we figured walking there would be the most, erm, simplified solution. Upon arriving, we managed to be pointed in the right direction but a person, whom later one would be one of the course instructors, Mr. Amir.

For the first half of part of the morning, it was mainly theory, such as top-rope climbing (the one we were using for the day), ATC and belay devices, harness, ropes, some knots… and that’s about it really. The real fun is of course, climbing the actual wall.

I can safely say I’m that bad at this first attempt. Perhaps I should have went for the inclined wall first, which was slightly easier, instead of cranking up for the face wall. After going through a few rounds of that, we went for a break, followed by a few more rounds. Subsequently we were led to the bouldering gym, where we were give a chance to try climbing without the safety harness, since the floor was all cushioned. Did a few rounds of those before I forearms eventually gave way.

Took a couple of photos with the group thanks to a Mens’ Health Crew, which were present later in the day. Hope to find them later and post it up as soon as i see them.

On a side note, my leg still felt a little sore at the lower part of the ankle, around the joints. I do believe i can finally run now, as the posterior shin splint seem to have disappeared. But perhaps it would be wise to strengthen my Achilles tendon first before going on an about with running.

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