Sports Massage Introductory Workshop

Sports Massage Introductory Workshop

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Sports Massage Introductory Workshop organized by the Changi Sports Medicine Centre (CSMC) last weekend. This workshop was part of the  Massage Workshop series, aimed at introducing and promoting sports massage in the management of common sports injuries and the enhancement of athletic performance.

Course Synopsis:

The Introductory Sports Massage Workshop serves as a learning platform for all interested individuals to understand the “bread and butter” of sports massage and be familiar with basic massage techniques. In addition, participants will be taught the clinical indications and contraindications to sports massage therapy, and its role in pre and post-event conditions.

While the course is open to all, majority of its participants came from the sports industry. These included exercise science students, fitness trainers, aerobic instructors, coaches, just to name a few.

The first half of the day was spent on theory; the various types of massages and their differences, basic anatomy, contraindications and ethics and etiquette.  A 30 minute theory test was conducted before stopping for a lunch break.

The next part of the course had the trainers guide participants through the application of the various sports massage techniques, including setting up of the area and equipment. The main areas of focus were  on the lower half of the body.

It was interesting to learn how a sports massage is not as easy as an expert makes it look to be. It was also quite fun to find the various trigger points or stiff sections of the muscles within our own bodies.

This introductory session will facilitate the basic understanding and insight over how a sports massage should be delivered. While I do not think it is possible for anyone to be an expert within a day, it will certainly be useful for anyone who is interested to learn about its fundamentals.

Participants who successfully completed the workshop may then proceed to learn the advanced knowledge and skills of sports massage therapy through the Basic and Advanced Sports Massage Workshops offered by CSMC.

This certification will probably not get you a job a masseur, but will be useful for coaches or trainers to help athletes with their sore spots and it may also be used as a starting point for volunteering at events where mass sports massage is required.

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