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Fearless Frosty

by Azlan

Frosty; the short yet distinctive nickname of Anna Frost, the Salomon International Athlete who has been running and winning races across the world. An inspiration to myself and countless other trail runners, she has led the way for her generation of female trail runners to achieve success in the sport of trail running, following the path set by runners like Lizzy Hawker (with her 5 UTMB wins) and other female runners before that.

SisuGirls was founded in 2014 by Chloe Chick who is also the founder of The Peaks Foundation, a social enterprise which organizes global mountain based challenges and events for women. A chance encounter with Anna led to the concept and creation of Fearless Frosty, a collection of children’s books titled ‘The SisuGirls Series’, which chronicles the real life stories of Anna Frost. As Chloe has outlined on the original campaign on IndieGogo,

I wrote Fearless Frosty because I want our children, especially our girls, to have access to strong and healthy female role models who are working hard to achieve their goals, living with determination, bravery and resilience.  Living with guts. When I mean living with guts, I mean having the confidence to pursue their own life path, whatever it may be.

A year or so later, after much perseverance and hard work by SisuGirls, Fearless Frosty was made available to backers, with the books also available for purchase at book sites such as WorderyKinokuniya as well as from SisuGirls themselves.

I got to know about the book launch purely by chance as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. I knew that I couldn’t pass up this chance, as I missed out on one last year due to work.

Fearless Frosty Poster

Woods in the Books is an independent book shop tucked away in a quiet corner of Tiong Bahru. Accessible by anything other than train or bus, this little shop specializes in handpicked classic and new picture books, comics and graphic novels for all ages. An apt location for a children’s book launch.

Copies of Fearless Frosty at the store front.

Copies of Fearless Frosty at the store front.

As the nature of the event suggests, the book launch was attended mostly by kids, as well as their doting parents who loitered outside the room.

After the children’s segment was done, I was asked by someone if I was here to talk to Anna Frost. Being the only runner-looking person there, I said yes. So there and then, I jumped into the room to wait in line.

I had a chance to speak with her on quite a fair bit of things on trail running; her Nolan’s 14 attempt, the original plan to run the Lantau 2 Peaks Skyrace in Hong Kong (she will travel as part of training, but will not compete), the end of her racing season and whether she was interested to race the UTMB (I asked Anton Krupicka that same questions and he did his a year or two later ;)). I later understood that she was in Singapore for only 6 hours or so before she was on a flight bound to Papua New Guinea to shoot another video with The African Attachment.

With Anna Frost!

With Anna Frost!

Fearless Frosty Autograph

An autograph from Anna!

It was great to see Anna Frost in person, albeit for only a short while and despite the fact that she must be tired from the travelling. I wish her a speedy rest and recovery and I’m excited to see what races she will be doing in the future! Allez!

With that said, I shall end this post with a great video about Anna Frost that the The African Attachment produced for Salomon Running a while ago.

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