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A Fine Line: The First Film by Kilian Jornet

by Azlan

A Fine Line documents the start of Kilian Jornet’s personal project; the completion of the two traverses of the Mont Blanc in 2012. It is neither a trail-running nor ski-mountaineering movie; but on hindsight, a merger of both disciplines.


A Fine Line takes us on a breathtaking journey over the spectacular snow-covered peaks of the Alps as we join a small group of extraordinary mountain athletes in their pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.

Kilian Jornet is an exceptional sportsman. At only 25, the ski mountaineering racer and ultra trail runner is already a multiple record holder and winner of numerous world titles in ski alpinism and mountain marathons. For him and others born in the mountains, the challenges and dangers of their environment are part of everyday life. The search for happiness can come at a very high price, but the pursuit of their passion remains an overwhelming motivation.

In 2011, I got to share a moment with Kilian Jornet, who had just won the Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon, and was stopping over in Singapore before he returned home. Fast forward a year or so later, he has put aside his running endeavors, in view of finishing the things which are more personal to him.

Kilian Jornet's DVD

A Fine Line: The First Film By Kilian Jornet

The film documents his motivation to embark on his personal projects; to traverse and summit the highest and largest peaks in the world, and to do it, in the fastest time, with minimal gear, and no help. A very risky project, which has already claimed the life of fellow ski-mountaineer Stéphane Brosse, Kilian’s hero, mentor, and driving force behind the Mont Blanc traverse.

Well known trail-runners like Anna Frost and Dakota Jones make an appearance in the film, with Anna supporting Kilian in the crossing of Les Contamines, and Dakota accompanying Kilian during the training session up to Mont Blanc. Emilie Forsberg also appears in the film though in a short segment.

I took the option of buying the physical copy of the DVD (and in the process becme a “Friend” of the Summits of My Life Project). The delivery took a longer time than expected, nonetheless, the wait was worth it, and I’ am thoroughly inspired by the story, as well as the cinematography and effort involved to film it. The film is available on DVD or via digital download on the official site.


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