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Wild Wild Macritchie

by Azlan

As my preparation for Lantau Vertical continues, I managed to complete my long run together with Ian on a weekday. We agreed to run the hilly sections of Macritchie just before Rifle Range Road, before running back the same route to the visitors center. But just as we finished the first round of the routine, heavy rain started to pour. While waiting for the rain to ease off, we bumped into fellow trail runners Randall and Angelina, who chatted with us for awhile before we soldiered on in the rain.

In total, we ran about 27km. Mentally however, it didn’t seem that we ran that far, perhaps because we were too busy having fun running in the rain. Physically though, I felt the soreness of the run when it came time to foam roll my legs.

Hope you enjoy the video! Here’s the log on Strava for those interested.


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