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Jurong Lake Run 2011 Race Pack Collection

by Azlan

Took a quick trip down to Jurong Point earlier to collect my race pack for the Jurong Lake Run 2011. Was a smooth collection, I don’t expect anything fantastic from this race pack, but it’s nice to note the organizer made the availability of information quick and easily accessible on their website. Kudos to them!

I don’t think it’s really accurate to say it’s the first “mega” running event in the western area of Singapore, but I’d like to think that it’s a good first attempt, and I hope there will be other new, and perhaps longer runs in the west.

In other news, I’m currently on anti-inflammatory medication prescribed from the GP at my workplace. I suspect he’s a runner as well, so, at his advice, he told me to take the medication, back off from training, and see how it goes.

I apologize if the photo for the gallery is a bit, well, small. I hope i can work out a better way of displaying the photo as I’m contemplating changing my domain name. In which case i will have to find time to extensively revamp my photography section of the website, as i devote more time to writing in on this blog.

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