Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore Closed REPC 2011

I haven’t had the chance to update this blog to let you runners know about my progress so far. I haven’t been running much as of late, I did a short, but comfortable 10k since the fever died down. It feels better, and I do think i stand a chance at surviving this Sunday’s marathon. But I might not score a personal best this time around due to the lack of training time (due to school), the fact I caught a fever only recently, and my injury the months prior to it.

I did however take half day leave today to run some errands, which left me really tired even at the point of this writing. I collected my TeamNUS SCMS singlet from the SRC as soon as I left for my leave, and after that, took the bus to Marina Bay Sands to collect my SCMS race pack.

The queue was long, as expected, even for a closed REPC. In any case, at least the queue was moving. Collection was quick and smooth, no hassle aside from some folks who were trying to collect race packs on behalf of others, and end up causing a bottleneck at the verification counter.

Nothing new at the race expo either, didn’t buy anything as I didn’t have anything in mind to buy, and I was also minding by budget on the things i spend these days.

The race pack itself was nothing special, the running singlet wasn’t very neat per say. I might actually wear the TeamNUS singlet instead. What’s important of course, is the race bib. I uploaded some photos on Flickr, and with that, I return back to school work. *groans*

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