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Sundown Marathon 2012 Race Pack Collection

by Azlan

The 2012’th edition of the Sundown Marathon marks the 3rd time I’m participating in the event and my 5th marathon since I started my running endeavors.

However, I’m having doubts whether I’m able to participate, due to an annoying tendon problem that doesn’t seem to go away. That and coupled with the fact that I have my final exams on the weekdays before, as well as reservist training just the day after. My reasons to consider dropping out of the race is so that I can properly heal and start proper training for my eventual participation in the ultra-distance running category (hint: The North Face 100 Singapore).

Aside from those reasons, I have yet to consistently train for this marathon, and I will probably disappoint myself by not being able to achieve a sub-5 that seems to elude me since last years Standard Chartered Marathon.

Those thoughts aside, I was quite enthusiastic on making the coast to coast trip for the race entry pack collection (dubbed REPC by us Singaporeans), which was held in conjunction with the RunBikeSwim Race Expo. Apologies if there are no photos of the event although I’m sure you can find plenty of those on their official Facebook page.

The overall race pack contents. Looks slightly better than last years race pack.

Couldn’t find GU Roctane’s, so settled for these instead. $20!


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