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Urbanathlon 2012 Race Pack

by Azlan

I was a little hesitant to sign up for this years Urbanathlon because of the cost issue. But after being informed that a group of my friends were joining, I guess it wouldn’t hurt my wallet a bit to sign up for it. And so, before taking my last exam paper for the trimester, I stopped by Athlete’s Circle to collect the Men’s Heath Urbanathlon 2012 Race Pack.

The items that can be found in the race pack is listed on the official website. I’ll briefly outline the more interesting items that make up the ‘$300 worth’ race pack.

2012 (left) vs 2011 (right) race singlet.

2012 (left) vs 2011 (right) race singlet.

The XS size for the race singlet was out of stock by the time i finished procrastinating to sign up. As expected, S was still available. The singlet was slightly smaller this year than last years by virtue of length and fit, but still didn’t suit me very well. I tried to get it changed but was told there were limited stocks, and was told I could try exchanging the shirt on race day itself if there were any spare stocks left.

In my opinion, the item that was probably the most expensive in the bag has got to be the shampoo, which was from Redken. The rest of the items are pretty minor in terms of sale value. Included items are things like a 2 weeks pass to True Fitness, a Polar water bottle (which is the same as last years), a discount coupon for Power Balance, and small armband.Not really worth the registration price if you ask me, but it’s mostly bragging rights for participating in this race.


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