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100Plus PAssion Run 2011

by Azlan

Attended my first 100Plus PAssion Run yesterday afternoon. Considering I stayed in the west and the event was held at East Coast, I was quite worried I’d get lost on the way there, but thankfully, following some other runners who were attending, managed to get there in time for the second flag off.  Mr Yam Ah Mee was also there in person for the flag off.

The run started off slowly, due to the narrow initial start of the course; a bottleneck ensued, with some runners really trying to push their way forward. I took it easy for the most part there, but soon eased my way through the pack. Even managed to bumped into one of my former officer-trainees during the run, who himself, told me to go ahead without waiting for him.

I had a pretty good run during the entire duration of 20k, before everything went totally wrong. Cramps just had to come back to spoil my run. If you view my split timings here, you’d notice i was running an average pace of below 5:00 for the better part of 20k; which, looking back at it now, is a pretty impressive feat. I knew i was doing well during the run, but i didn’t really track how fast i was going.

The cramps was so bad that the last 5km felt like a nightmare, i eventually completed it in 2:44:10 according to my Garmin 305.

After collecting my goodies, I stayed on after the event to wait for Billy, who was running as well. After he finished, we walked for abit before boarding a 196 bus bound to Bedok Interchange before settling for dinner at the McDonald’s there.

All in all, it was a good learning experience. I learned from this race that I was capable of running faster and tolerating the pain and fatigue, but i still had problems trying to manage cramps, which for this race, could have been a new personal best for the 25k for me, but instead, became another slow drag to the finish line.

On a sidenote, it is heartening to see a number of barefoot runners around. In fact, i was running a similar pace to a particular barefoot runner before my cramps gave way.

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