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2XU Compression Run 2011

by Azlan

I had the opportunity last Sunday to participate in the 2XU Compression Run, my 2nd foray into the event which only started to a mild response last year.

Many changes were made to this race after feedback from the last one. My take on the 2010 edition of this run was of the congested entry into Sentosa, lackluster finisher tee, and the chaotic post-race water-point. The 2011 edition made quite a notable improvement over that, by virtue of the following:

  • Race pack that came with useful items (like lace-locks and a hand-held running waterbottle)
  • A sponsor branded sleeveless (2XU no less)
  • Better race location, albeit, not as challenging as Sentosa with its uphills.

Attended the race with a few more friends and acquaintances. We took a car from our residences and chose to park at Esplanade, and then walkover to the starting line. The weather was quite gloomy from the start, and i suspected it was probably going to rain sooner or later. We started from the second wave, and i took off with a strong start from there.

There were areas where the lanes were narrow, which made overtaking on the right, and even the left quite a challenge, resorting to many of us running on the grass patches to cut the runners in front. I made only 2 water-point stops, one during the midpoint of the race to take in my power gel, and the last station which served Pocari Sweat. Overall, the run was a good feedback from my body regarding the new methodology on running-by-feel as I’ve described in the earlier post. With that, i clocked a new personal best for the 12k category: 1:05:18

Myself after the race.
With some friends
Finishers Medal

That concludes the race, a good one nevertheless, which should hope hopefully propel me towards training harder for Sundown.

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