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Energizer Singapore Night Trail 2013

by Azlan

This is my first race since completing the Sabah Adventure Challenge about two months ago, and is sort of an interim race before the Sundown Marathon at the end of the month. I wasn’t planning to compete in this year’s event, but I signed up (after getting myself a slot through a waiting list) when I got to know that a secondary school friend would be attending his first night trail race alone.

Race Entry Pack Collection

As with last year, the race pack collection was held at Velocity @ Novena Square. The change in color scheme from green to orange was welcoming. I was fairly surprised that K-Swiss had taken over Brooks for the production of the event t-shirt. Despite having selected 2XS (for fear that the shirt would be too big), it fitted my body nicely.

Race Pack Items
Not bad eh?
While still alright for a night race with a sizable number of runners, not very useful for ultra-running.
Better than last year, but quite tight fitting for 2XS.

Race Day

A majority of the race carnival items (such as Milo truck, Ice Cream booth, Hydration booth etc) was very much the same as last year’s, and I will not be spending much time writing on them again in this years review. Shuttle bus ferrying runners from Woodlands MRT to the race venue came at regular intervals. A detailed account of 2012’s event can be found here.

Waiting around near the hydration booth.
With fellow blogger @ Myrunningaddiction, Haffiz.
My secondary school mate, Andy, who's running his first night-trail.
Slowly closing into the front of the pack.
With Haslinda, a fellow runner from Dailymile.com
I've probably seen my shoe in even worse conditions than this, but it was OK for the event.

Race results are already out and can be accessed via this link. My results are as follows:

9 minutes faster than last years!

9 minutes faster than last years!

Overall, a much improved effort this year. I owe much of it to my regular training at Kent Ridge Park (lots of hills and slopes), as well as training with the NUS Staff  Team. I made two stops for H-TWO-O, which may have costed me some precious minutes. Nevertheless, I employed a lot what I learnt at the SAC for this race. Click here for the Garmin Connect data.

Having compared the race data from my Forerunner 910XT between the 2012 and 2013 event, I came to the conclusion that the race course is about 400m short. This is after factoring in the firmware difference in the watch over the course of the year (with the current one being more accurate in reading the elevation profile). But as it is a trail race, one shouldn’t expect the course to be that accurate

It must be noted that my 910XT was loaded with a different firmware between the two events.


The Energizer Night Trail will probably become a staple in Singapore’s running calendar. It has a good mix of categories for a wide range of people, such as the Open Obstacle RaceParent & Child Obstacle Race, as well as the Trail Race.

At present, I have not seen a night trail race around Bukit Timah or Macritchie (other than perhaps TNF 100). But given the exclusivity of the route (I don’t think Lorong Asrama is open to the public), as well as the inherent challenge of that area, I would say, it’s a great yearly race for trail racing, or just training for other races.

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