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Jurong Lake Run 2012

by Azlan

This years Jurong Lake Run represents the last race I’ll be attending before the start of the fasting month. You could say it’s the last race which closes the first half of my in-season before I dial down training during the off-season.

A thunder storm in the wee hours of the morning meant that it was a little hard to get out of the bed. Nevertheless, I woke up at about 5.30am to get myself ready for the run. Started off pre-race breakfast with 2 muesli bars and a hot cup of milo before gearing up and leaving the house to meet some friends who had driven and parked near the event.

After attaching our race bibs and deciding on what to carry with us, we quickly walked to the event venue. We were late (fashionably), but managed to get into the mid point of the race pen, because the flag-off was eventually delayed by about 15 minutes. The official flag-off was about 7.46 a.m.

The race route for this year is quite different than the previous year, with the opening of some roads to (possibly) accommodate the larger turnout of runners for the event. With the addition of the cool morning the weather, the run was quite pleasant. I had not had any experience with the water points thus far, as I didn’t stop for for any this time around.The reason for this was to eliminate the time wasted at hydration points during the course of a race.

To do that, I hand carried 2 Salomon Soft Flasks, one filled with Pocari Sweat, and the other with plain water. I also decided not to carry my phone nor listen to music for the duration of the race, so I can have a better feel of my bodies internal pacing mechanism.

Run wise, having spent quite a fair bit of time of the past few weeks doing interval trainings, both sprints and endurance based, I found it advantageous in increasing the pain threshold. But I still need to work on keeping tabs of my pace (and perhaps setting a more realistic pace). Nevertheless, it is still an important consideration that I’ll be factoring during the next half of my training season.

Unofficially, my timing stands at 0:48:48, which is my new personal best for the 10k category. I’m quite pleased with my performance, and with that, my in-season phase ends. I hope to still be training during the fasting month, but at much reduced effort, as I’m also still nursing my sore peroneal ligament.

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