Mens Health Urbanathlon 2011

Mens Health Urbanathlon 2011

Things have been pretty quiet around this blog. Not because i don’t want to update, but because i recently picked up a knee injury during one of my nightly runs. The injury was quite strenuous to the point i sidelined myself out of training all the way to todays run, which was the Men’s Health Urbanathlon 2011.

It was my first Urbanathlon, so didn’t really know what to expect. The focus of the run was to “complete” rather than “compete”, considering I was running the race with a knee that i didn’t know long it will hold.

Still, it was a good experience. Tiring, but still a worthy run. The water points were well placed, and it was easier to get around the tentage area. My preliminary time is about 1:37:05. You might be wondering why there isn’t a Garmin log for this run, basically because i left it at home, not sure if i want to get it all muddy during the course of the run.

And of course i HAD to take a photo at the photobooth. The last time i had a photobooth shot was at Sundown 2010! Best of all as i was queuing up for it, i ran into Billy! It took me by surprise that he came for the event.

On a side note, there is, well, one issue that bugged me about the event, which was the even finisher t-shirt. Was expecting it to be from Adidas, but it turns out it’s the same material that i’ve been using to make my Medic Tee’s during my days in NS. Kinda disappointing, but i know the shirt will stand the test of time.

Hope my knee recovers in time, and till the next run!

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