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New Balance Real Run 2012

by Azlan

A quick recap of another weekend race, the New Balance Real Run 2012. A veteran run in the running & racing calendar in Singapore. This years edition however clashes with the Nike We Run SG 10K event, thus forcing runners to make a split decision on which race to attend to. 

I had a bad experience with last year’s Nike We Run SG 10K, so I chose to stick with the Real Run. I have turned up for this race since 2009 and have yet to have a poor experience (or maybe it’s just me).

Having an affiliation with HomeTeamNS (served as a NSF and now a reservist personnel), I had a good idea on how the race was organized, or at the very least, how the manpower was being used for the day. New Balance Real Run had much less media tents and booths as compared to Sundown Marathon. But that was to be expected as the organizers of the two events were different.

Race Pack Collection:

Nothing out of the ordinary here. Generally, the basic stuff you would find; discount coupons, race bibs, some food, more pamphlets…

Don’t think you’ll find shoes in this race pack.

Race Day:

An early morning breakfast of hot milo and a slice of corn bread started my pre-race routine  from about 3am. Got changed and proceeded to meet my primary school classmate, Alif, as we both made our way to the shuttle bus pick up point near Boon Lay Mrt. We were rather early as bus operations started at 4.30am. Consumed a muesli bar on the way there, and drank whatever Gatorade I had left.

Upon arrival, connected with classmate, Rafi and a few other fellas. Consumed one Maxifuel gel just 1 hour before the flag-off.  Opted not to carry any hydration to stay light as it was afterall, a 10k.

Rafi and I decided to make our way to the front. It could have been about a 20 second gap between our position and the starting line. Rafi sped ahead to clear of slower runners who were in early wave. I was not able keep to his pace,  but I managed to stay relatively comfortable. Other than a very short drink between the 7 and 8km mark, I didn’t find the need to stop.

Thanks to the recent downpours within the past week, the weather was relatively cool, a departure from the hot weather that was associated with previous Real Runs. Towards the last few hundred meters, I lengthened my stride and pulled off a strong run to the finish line. Unofficially clocked an under 50min 10k. But importantly, had a good and a comfortable and fast run.

Grabbed a banana and 100Plus to quickly restock my glycogen stores, and while walking, spotted Adele speaking to one of the finishers. You may remember her and her crew from my encounter with Anton Krupicka and at Sundown Marathon. Adele was working on race day for New Balance for their public relations and assisting the race organizers. Keep up the great work!

Adele from Crowd!


Before entering the shirt collection pen, I was surprised when I was told to remove my race bib. I soon found out that  runners were required to surrender their bibs. Volunteers would then check the size that was printed on the underside of the bib. I would speculate  it was to deter runners from taking the shirts twice. After collecting the shirt and medal, head off to the photo booth. It was nice of  Real Run to continue having a photo booth this year.

It was my idea to hang the bags over our shoulders. Click on the image to view more in the official photo album on Facebook!


Collected our bags, and jumped in line to wait for the shuttle bus bringing us out to Pasir Ris. Queues were already multiplying by the time we jumped in. However, despite getting in the bus, we still had to wait till 9.30am for the bus to actually move (perhaps there were still other runners making their way). Changed up at White Sands mall before heading back home.

I don’t think I have any issues with the shirt, the only problem I have was with the wording on the back of the shirt.

I’m not sure what to make up of this sentence.


In summary, a great run, which I personally felt was an early morning tempo run. Not too sure about the Nike run that took place fare, but this was a good race logistically speaking. Great to meet familiar faces and hope everyone who attended had a great race, and a good time. Looking forward to the next one. I hope you find this report worth the time reading!


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isaac976 October 21, 2012 - 8:58 PM

awesome post, too bad I missed you at the race.. dont worry more races to come

minicoopers51 October 24, 2012 - 1:50 PM

Nicely done bro! Glad you enjoyed the run.

Azlan October 24, 2012 - 8:40 PM

Thanks bro! You’re running Sabah SAC next year?

Dara October 25, 2012 - 9:35 AM

The text on the shirt doesn’t seem to fit Singapore. Wouldn’t Singlish be better than Afro-American if they want something colloquial?


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