Nike We Run SG 10k 2011

Nike We Run SG 10k 2011

This is the 3rd iteration of what began of what began first began as the “Nike Human Race” back in 2008, “Nike City 10k SG” in 2010, and the current iteration, “Nike We Run SG 10k” in 2011. As expected, this is more of a marketing race than an actual runners race, because the registration and push for this race was meant for younger runners under the age 25. Other than getting a pretty cool looking t-shirt for all the trouble of signing up for this race, year after year, the finishers entitlement is no more the same in terms of nett value.

In my opinion, this year was by far, the worst iteration of this race. While the previous  years venue were all held around the city area (I particularly remembered the 2009 and 2010 edition was held at the F1 pit building, and the carnival at the floating platform), this years was held at the Old People’s Association building. I was talking to Anwar about the possible reasons why the shift in the venue, and he told me that the day earlier, the Army recruits had their POP at the floating platform. That, pretty much answers my question there and then.

What was striking to me when I reached Kallang MRT station was, there was obvious lack of direction and safety leading to the venue. I don’t see much road marshal’s, and even if you could see them, there wasn’t really much they could do. Just imagine a huge crowd of runners in red invading the small little intersection near the bus depot.

What pissed off most people even more was this; there was a path, about half the size of a road lane, that was used to channel the already big group runners making their way into the venue. As myself and my friends were already almost near the exit point of the path, they opened up the path, which was presumably for the “VIP Runners” with their special tags, and allowed others in, thus, while easing the crowd flow, seriously pissed off the people who were droning in to the original path.

We reached the venue, deposited our bags, grabbed a photo, and proceeded to figure out which way was better to reach the start venue. While the thought of going up the stairs is a little daunting, I realized it was the better option as I tried walking straight and ran into a mud field. In the end, only a handful of my friends and I ran, while some others didn’t due to the race being poorly mismanaged.

I took to the start line with Anwar, but apologetically had to proceed ahead due to my speed. It didn’t matter much as I wasn’t chasing a better timing, and with the current influx of walkers, I spent most of the time changing gears, and skipping between people. I took the chance to visit a portable loo at the 5k mark because I didn’t have the chance to do so earlier before the run, it took about 5 minutes, which ate into my nett time. continuing on, it started to get hotter, so I pace myself easily so I didn’t have to burn out.

In short, other than it being a poor run from an organizational standpoint, the run itself was fairly boring, just look at my Garmin log and you’ll realize it’s basically running up and down Nicoll Highway. It was however, a good day of sight-seeing and mileage clocking.

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