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Salomon Vertical City Trail 2013

by Azlan
Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru Salomon Vertical City Trail 2013

Vertical City Trail – A short summary of the hits and misses.

About 3 months has passed since my last race. I had decided to avoid taking part in shorter races due to work and study commitments. But if there are other reasons, it would stem from the rising cost for these shorter races (10-15k) and the lackluster effort at organizers in making these races challenging and enjoyable, but without costing so much; because at the end of the day, it is a competitive run.

Hill training  has formed a considerable part of my routine since I embarked on my ultra-trail endeavour. So when this race was announced, I asked my training partner if he was interested to have it as one of our training races.

I was disappointed that the route this year was mostly flat aside the 20 flight of stairs. I had hoped that it would feature elements of previous incarnations of the races, such as the Henderson Waves and Telok Blangah Hill Park. Admittedly, there were some slopes that made it a challenge for regular road runners.

Salomon Top + Bib + Armband
Salomon Top - Front
Salomon Top - Back
Vertical City Trail Logo
10k and 5k Race Route
2.5k Non-Competitive Route

I arrived at the race venue just in time for the flag-off as I wasn’t carrying any baggage that needed to be dropped off. I was pleasantly surprised to see some familiar faces; like Kim Hong from Team Adventure Madness, who was one of the competitors during the Sabah Adventure Challenge this year. I also bumped into Haslinda, as well as my good friend Billy- who came for the non-competitive 5k run.

I took the chance with this race, as earlier in the week, I developed a cold from the sudden change in weather, as well as incurred a small migraine, possibly due to my wisdom tooth. No matter, I was looking forward to the race and I gave it everything I got; no excuses even while recovering!

I came in 30th overall, 24th for the mens category, and under 49 minutes. Race route can be found here.

A respectable race timing given my recovery from a cold and a slight migraine
Myself, Billy, his friend, and Andy
Me with Andy (the training partner)



  • 463 runners for a race with both competitive and non-competitive categories
  • Salomon branding
  • Transparent race results that lists all runners among the various categories (Other races should take note)


  • Unexciting race route
  • An inclusion of XS to the running top would be great (personal opinion)
  • The t-shirt used by the race volunteers is quite nice too! (Why haven’t I seen it at the stores yet?)


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