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Salomon X-Trail Run 2013

by Azlan

The first time I ran the Salomon X-Trail run was in 2010. Almost 3 years ago! Back then I wasn’t that interested in trail running, so I ran the non-competitive category of 5km. That was probably the last time the run took place at Macritchie Nature Trail before being moved to the Tampines Mountain Bike (MTB) Trail.

Despite relative inconvenience of travelling West to East in the early hours of the morning, I had a change of heart to take part in the run. This change was mostly due to my developing love and appreciation for trail and ultra running. It was a good choice, as I was very happy to be reunited with fellow Singaporean runners who took part in this years Sabah Adventure Challenge. I haven’t seen most of them in a long while, though I did meet Kim Hong at the Salomon Vertical City Trail run a few months earlier.

I wasn’t familiar with the terrain of the Tampines MTB Trail, given it was my first time running there. I was reminded of how brutal running on undulating trails can be, something I first experienced when I ran in Sabah. And I’m sure to encounter more as I travel to take part in overseas trail races.

I felt quite burned out during the first half of the course. Maybe due to the adrenaline rush of trying to keep up with the lead runners as fast as I could. Nevertheless, I let Andy (my training partner) overtake me during later half of that stage of the race. I soon caught up with him at a water point, before regaining my pace for the second half, and subsequently striding ahead during the last seconds of the race.

A great 1-2 finish by myself, and more so for my training partner. Full results here.

A great 1-2 finish for the both of us, but more so for my training partner. Full results here.

In summary, it was a great event. Despite being informed that participant turnout may be have less this year than expected, I felt a closer bond with other like minded trail runners than most other running events I have taken part in. It was good to see familiar faces and great to see young trail runners out in the field.

Many thanks to the photographers who spent a day out in the field. Some of the albums can be found at various pages below.
Photo by Running Shots.
Photo by Running Shots.
Photo by World of Sports.
Photo by Running Kaki.
Photo by Run Society.
Photo by Run Society.
Photo by Running Shots.
Andy and Myself. Photo by SingaSports.
Me and Itsuko! A fellow staff from NUS who took 5th place after accidentally running an extra 3km.
Andy and me. Photo by Run Society.

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Paleorina November 22, 2013 - 5:39 PM

Oh great stuff!! I enjoyed myself too and I like the community spirit of trail running. There were people who stopped to help me down tough spots and someone even pushed aside a big fallen branch so the rest of the runners could run better.

Azlan November 22, 2013 - 6:05 PM

That’s good to here! I hope you were ‘prepared’ for the waist level puddle that was set for runners towards the end of the race. Some of the faster runners told me that they tripped and landed body first into the water!

Paleorina December 12, 2013 - 3:19 PM

I totally walked that part. Gingerly and carefully. Records be damned – I would rather remain dry! 🙂


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