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Sundown Marathon 2013

by Azlan

My 6th marathon in the last 4 years, and my 4th Sundown; statistically significant? Probably not, but it was still significant.

Race Entry Pack Collection

The race pack collection was held at the Singapore Expo, in conjunction with the Runbikeswim Expo. I went on a Saturday afternoon, and collection was pretty smooth despite the large turnout of people who came for the race expo. After collecting my race pack, I went over to the Athlete’s Clinic booth to help out with some promotional work. Also managed to catch up with some friends who were taking part in this year’s Sundown event.

Met Faizal, my fellow instructor during my NS days, who was running the 10k!
Met Billy, my poly classmate, who was doing his first Sundown Marathon!
Sundown Marathon 2013 Race Bag
A bit more colourful than last years.
Sundown Marathon 2013 Race Bag Contents
As with most race packs, the bag is big, but there isn't really nothing much but the bare essentials.

Race Gear

I thought it’d be interesting to share what I wore and used on race day, as everyone has a personal preference on what’s best to use on race day. I have included links on where you can purchase these items in the numbers next to them.

The most streamlined race gear EVER.

The most streamlined race gear EVER.

  • Salomon EXO S-LAB Tank  (2012) – 1
  • Salomon EXO S-LAB Short Tight (2013) – 1 | 2
    (Best pair of tights ever made, has 3 pockets to hold gels, which eliminates the need for wearing cumbersome belts)
  • New Balance Split Shorts + TackOnz
    (The shorts work in a way as a bib holder, as I find belts tend to move around on my small waist)
  • Salomon S-Lab Sense –  1 | 2 (My main road + trail shoe)
  • Garmin Forerunner 910XT
  • Hammer GEL (Orange flavored) + GU Chomps 1
    (The Chomps played an important role in terms of race nutrition, as I was able to take them in better than I would gels)
  • Armpocket i-10 – 1 | 2

Race Day

I met Billy at Promenade MRT Station at about 9.30pm, 2 hours before the flag-off time. If you were racing in a densely populated country like Singapore, you’d better be early. Like the previous year, the race venue was relatively close to the nearest MRT station.

Security seemed to have tightened for sports events since the Boston Marathon attacks. Or maybe it was because of the Boston attacks, that I noticed more security personnel? In any case, runners with bags were routed to the security counter to have their bags checked being allowed inside the venue. After leaving our bags at the baggage deposit, Billy and I walked around the event venue for a while, before making our way to the entrance of the starting pen.

This year, the organizers chose to start the full-marathon a day later. This meant that the 10km and half-marathon runners started on a Friday night (31st May), while the full-marathon runners started on a Saturday night (1st June). That split into a 2 day event meant an easier time for those doing the full marathon to start the race, without having to compete with other runners from other categories; a good move on the part of the organizers.

Just around the baggage deposit/collection area.
Around the central meeting area, waiting to enter the starting pen.
Near the concert stage.
With Billy, my poly classmate, whom I persuaded to follow me to the 4:30 starting pen.
Waiting for the flag off!
Chilling inside the Media Room after the race. And it's really cold in there.
Just outside the Media Room.

[expand title=”Race Log (click to expand)” tag=”h3″]


I was fairly surprised to be able to maintain a very steady pace up to 30km. Thereafter, I felt a short cramp at the back of my left leg, thus I had to stop periodically and stretch before continuing. That began the lost in momentum to reach my target time of 4hr 30min, but in spite of that, I successfully crossed the finish line just 4 minutes after, with a net time of 4:34:12 (more info at Runpix).

After the race, I managed to meet Dixie and Merliza, at the very chilly Media Room after the event. You might remember these two wonderful ladies for their work as the Public Relations team for the Sundown Marathon event. The team worked tirelessly through the night and morning amidst everything that was going on. Keep up the good work!

So there you have it; 4 years, 4 Sundown Marathon, 4 personal bests. I have no idea what’s next for me, but going ultra, seems the way forward.

Oh, and a quick shout to my tutor, Ms. Kaifen, for taking 2nd place for the women’s category! More news about that here.

4 Marathon, 4 Years, 4 Personal Bests; Whats next?
I don't fancy the colour combination really.
T-Shirt Back. A combination of materials from the 2011 and the 2012 shirts.
T-Shirt Front. A combination of materials from the 2011 and the 2012 shirts.
Medal front.
Medal back.
Nice selection of songs, but I don't think it'll appeal to the uncles and aunties.


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Jimmy Tan June 15, 2013 - 3:23 PM

Bro I follow you on Twitter. I just complete my Sundown Half marathon ( slow and leg cramp ) , now planning to train for the Full Marathon. Hope you can share how you train the the Full Marathon. I always feel my progress too slow la. Now I try my best 4 days run. 5 miles normally and LSD 6 miles recently. Thanks. Jimmy

Azlan June 16, 2013 - 8:07 PM

Hi Jimmy. Congrats on finishing your Sundown! I can perhaps advise on a few things.

1. Nutrition > In preparing for a marathon, try to experiment with different foods and gels, during training and after training. For racing, not all gels are made equal. Also, timing of nutrition is very important, and should match your energy expenditure.

2. Training > Your longest run should at least be up to the 20k? If not more. This really depends on your physical capacity.

I personally have never run more than 20k in a single LSD session. I prefer to run hills and trails, as they are an excellent way to built speed and endurance within a short period of time. But they can be very demanding on the body. I personally run Kent Ridge Park and Hort Park due to it’s hills on weekdays, and spend time at Macritchie/Bukit Timah during the weekends.

3. Rest and Recovery > Try to identify pains and sores early so that it wouldn’t flare up during a race. Foam rollers are very useful, as a well compression garments for post-race recovery.

Hope that helps!


ahsiao September 13, 2013 - 4:39 AM

very inspirational blog you have and nice layout and all

And you study exercise science !

Could I learn more from you?


hizrah April 14, 2014 - 11:41 PM

Hi azlan, can you help me. Im from brunei. I will only coming to singapore on 29th. & i really need to go to the running expo / booth. Does during the race day have expo running booth? or during other race pack collection date, thanks

Azlan April 16, 2014 - 9:31 AM

Hi Hizrah.

For the 2014 edition, you may want to contact the organizers directly to see if they can help arrange to pass you your race pack. http://www.sundownmarathon.com/?page=contactus


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