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Terry Fox Run 2011

by Azlan

Most runners i know of have experienced this thing called, “pre-race jitters”, which basically means you can’t sleep the night before the event, most notable due to the excitement.

Well, that happened today, but it wasn’t that bad, it is after all, the first race/event of 2011 for me. 2011 marks the first time the Terry Fox Run returns to Singapore.

First and foremost, i was not prepared for this race, reasons most notably are;

  1. The increase in my gym visits after work meant I’ve been neglecting my runs.
  2. The week I’m suppose to clock some mileage ended in me being caught with with a flu.

Thus, you could say, it was a bad run for myself, should have trained a wee bit at the very least.

But it was a fun day out; get to see a variety of people, run for a cause, and at least, had friends with me for the run.

There wasn’t a water point around, aside from some volunteers passing out water bottles at the 6km mark; that was a real issue for me because i was praying hard my body doesn’t dehydrate to the point i might pass out (post-sick+lack of training), but with a little push, i managed to get a sub-hour 10k.

Lesson learnt from today’s run? Need to prepare and not neglect running.

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