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Terry Fox Run 2012

by Azlan

The Terry Fox Run 2012 is a run privileged enough to have started off my 2011 and 2012 racing calendar. While I ran with a group of friends last year, this year was a solo run for me. I do have to thank Azhar for accompanying me to the run despite withdrawing from the event due to an sprained ligament.

For a start, it really is a no-frills run. Aside from having no numbered bibs and no registration fees (actually it’s more like paying for the shirt and donating any amount you want for charity), it really is nice to attend an event where there isn’t any sense of competitiveness. Everyone is there to support a good cause, and remember Terry Fox and his legacy to the world.

Based on last years run, I would assume that it had no water points (not that it mattered), so I brought along my Hilly water bottle filled with Nathan Catalysts. I’m still struggling to get used to the drink, and perhaps if i can get hold of NUUN’s, I can do a comparison to see which is the better electrolyte tablet.

As I’m currently studying sports science, I applied the knowledge I applied some knowledge I picked up from class for the run.

First off would be carrying electrolyte drinks, as well as practicing only dynamic stretching before the start of the run. I started off the run pretty strongly thanks to consistent training runs prior to this event.

Next, I based my pace according to the average pace for the last KM, instead of having a live average pace calculated via my Garmin 305, this is to better know how fast I’ve been running and set my pace accordingly. This worked very well for the run today as I did not stop but for only one toilet break towards the 5km mark. You can check out the comparison runs between 2012 and 2011 here. What’s more interesting is that the distance is exactly the same as it was the last year, which was about 9.68km.

There were volunteers holding up route markets along the way, and I have to give them credit for cheering the runners on despite it being a non-competitive event. Bottles of water were given out at some distance markers as well.

Towards the end, I  re-opened my anaerobic-lactate capacity and went full steam to the finish line, greeted by lots of spectators and volunteers. Its nice to have a giant cookie given to you at the finishing instead of a medal. I then joined the line for the Starbucks drink that was given and the line was pretty long. But I figured I wasn’t going to be so cheapskate, so I headed down to 7-11 and bought chocolate milk as my recovery drink.

If you interested to see the comparisons of chocolate milk and recovery drinks, click here and maybe here.

Overall, a great run for a great cause. Will definitely attend the run again next year.

RunSociety has good photo coverage of event in their Facebook album as well as another gallery on Flickr.

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