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The North Face 100 Singapore 2012

by Azlan

The North Face 100 Singapore 2012 is part of the Asian Pacific Series of Trail Running Endurance Races which started back in 2008. I was fortunate to be able to participate in the 25km category this year, and was joined by about 1100 runners from different walks of life and nationalities.

I arrived at Macritchie reservoir at about 6:30am to finish up my breakfast. I then set off to the zig zag bridge at about 7am to get myself registered. I was unusually calm for a race that I have been planning to participate since about a year ago. I walked around before sitting down to do some light stretching. I dabbled about the race map, but wasn’t too concerned about getting lost.

A modified version of the official race map, highlighting only the 25km section (Click to enlarge)

Once the cue was announced, the runners made their way to the start point. I positioned myself where I’m not too close to the front , yet comfortable enough such that I could grab any chance to overtake someone. The first section of the race took me through familiar ground. I stopped briefly at the Ranger station for a toilet break, before hurrying back to join the race. By then the first 30mins had lapsed and I decided to take my first energy gel.

The North Face 100 - 2012 - 3

I was feeling comfortable throughout the race, with the exception that it became increasingly un-tolerable to run on the rocks during the later stages of the race. My ankles weren’t exceptionally strong, and I wasn’t able to jump/land well.

However the Bukit Timah section was quite refreshing, as I had never ran through it before. It was great to have ran alongside fellow trail runners, getting passed by mountain bikers, and have school hikers cheering us on. I would definitely want to do some training runs there in the future.

I had the opportunity to execute a different race nutrition strategy, but I will elaborate more of that in a separate post. In short, I only had one gel, stopped twice to cool my head down with a douse of water, and one banana. I was self sufficient for most part of the race.

The last lap of the race once again entered familiar ground, as I cranked up the pace up to try to make up for lost time. I figured out that my target time of 2hr 30min seemed too far to catch when I reach 16km. Instead, I focused on keeping a steady pace and kept moving despite the impending fatigue. I finished strong in an unofficial time of 2hr 42mins. Draft results are available here.

The North Face 100 - 2012 - 5

Finishers were greeted with congratulatory messages from volunteers and supporters. A medal, though not the correct one was issued. Reason probably being the medals were not prepared in time, and would be sent to runners in a months time. There were also food and nourishment such as fruits, 100 Plus, water, and even ice cream.

In summary, a well organized race with a good racing atmosphere. I think the culture created by both trail running and the people involved in it, make running as a whole more enjoyable. The surge in popularity of trail running will definitely continue to appeal to those considering taking their running to the next level, or those who wish to enjoy a different form of running.

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