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Garmin Foot Pod

by Azlan

Before GPS watches first took prominence, accelerometers or “foot pods” were common amongst athletes for tracking distance and cadence for both indoor and outdoor running.  These days, recreational runners wanting to track their progress will most likely opt for the wide variety of mobile apps that can be found on most major smart phones (I was using Endomondo on my old Nokia’s before I started using my Garmins’), or settle for cheaper variations of running GPS watches (Polar, Garmin, even Suunto).

The idea to buy the Garmin Foot Pod was nothing more than thinking about what was left (gear wise) that I didn’t have yet, it was then that the foot pod came to mind. It was something useful to have especially when running in tunnels (like last years Standard Chartered Marathon) where the GPS signal would be cut off momentarily.

I managed to find some time to calibrate the foot pod, and here is a run which displays cadence data. I won’t go into the technical details for the foot pod, but DC Rainmaker has 2 very in-depth posts its setting up and use.


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