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Garmin Hook and loop Fastener Wrist Strap

by Azlan

My Garmin 305 has been with me for a little over 2 years, and the countless mileage has started to take its toll on the strap. As with typical watch straps, the area where the strap hooks together has started to crack, and occasionally the watch will move to the next slot, causing the watching to shake up and down while running. It doesn’t really help that the watch is quite large, so with a smaller strap, it feels quite odd while running.

But not anymore!

Enter the Garmin Hook and Loop Fastener Wrist Strap.

The package came with the main strap, strap extender (for people with larger wrists than mine), the tool for removing the original straps, and the metal assembly to hook the watch to the strap.

Installation was quite straightforward  One of positive comments I have about the strap, is that it really keeps the watch secure, unlike the original strap (note the width of the straps). It is also quite sweat resistant, although that will be fully tested when i bring it along during the Standard Chartered Marathon. The strap also is able to let the cradle sit below the watch, which is a bonus.

I bought this off Amazon via Tarazz. It was my first time ordering from them, and shipping took about 2 weeks. Good customer service as well.

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Minicoopers51 November 26, 2011 - 5:05 PM


Nice review you did here. Have been checking and reading up on your blog for quite awhile. You got a nice going here. Let’s meet up for a climb or trail run sometime.

Cheers! (:

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