Marware Sportsuit Sensor Case

I had a  gear acquisition came in mail this morning which was picked up by my mother while I was at home. This gear was not an urgent requirement, but it was something I would probably have had to buy in the near future. Ever since I purchased the Garmin Foot Pod, it was great to be able to see my cadence during the different points of the run on Garmin Connect.

The only drawback however, was that Garmin did not sell the clip holding the footpod separately, and it was a hassle to have to remove the clip from my road shoe it was attached on (the New Balance 890v2), and have them re-attached to the my trail shoe (the Northface Singletrack).

An extensive search on Amazon would result in the purchase of the Marware Sportsuit Sensor Case. I wasn’t too sure if I could get such an item here in Singapore, but as I was in no hurry, I decided to just purchase it online and patiently wait for it to be shipped via regular air mail.

While being marketed as an accessory for the Nike+ Footpod system, it is certainly able to fit the similar sized Garmin Footpod (with alittle bit of nudging of course).

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