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MyoTrigger Fascianator II

by Azlan

A foam roller is one of those things that when you have one, you generally don’t need to buy another. Unless you like collecting foam rollers for some reason… Today tho, I will be reviewing the MyoTrigger Fascianator II foam roller! A badass looking roller that performs as good as it looks.

A disclaimer: This review set was provided by the kind folks over at Primero Fitness. Apart from foam rollers, they also carry a range dumbbells, exercise mats and barbells.  More information about them can be found at the end of the post.

The Range

The MyoTrigger range comes in a trio of options; the PaperClip (grey), the Centenarian (lime green) and the Fascianator II. The design features of each of these rollers clearly indicates a specific target audience and function.

  • The PaperClip – At 60cm in length, this general purpose roller is the longest of the three and provides moderate firmness that is tolerable to beginners and still effective for intermediate athletes.
  • The Centenarian – This all-rounder is made with out of ultra-high density EVA foam. The design does mirror the Triggerpoint roller which I own and reviewed way back. Its varied texture is meant to simulate the palm, fingers and knuckles during use.
  • The Fascianator II – The hardest and stiffest in the range. This roller features invasive spikes and a multi-purpose central ridge for a hard, brutal and unforgiving rolling sensation. The Fascianator II also able to withstand up to 200kg in weight, thanks to its use of a costlier ABS Polymer Core.

Okay so other than the Triggerpoint Foam Roller, I do own the travel variant as well as ‘The Orb’ Deep Tissue Massage Ball, prior to the Fascianator II.

It’s small in width as compared to a TriggerPoint, but doesn’t affect its performance in any way.

The foam wraps itself around the core of the roller which secures it in place.

Things I like about it

  • It’s a solidly built foam roller coming in at a weight of about 944g. It’s got a sturdy construction and doesn’t feel cheap at all. Perhaps it could used as a battering ram for emergencies?

    Weighs almost a kilogramme!

    The regular Triggerpoint foam roller however, weighed much less.

  • The ‘invasive spikes’ that worked like knuckles were angled well. This made it useful for harder to reach areas like the glutes. Prior to using the Fascianator II, I was using the ‘The Orb’ massage ball as an alternative roller, because the flat surface of the Triggerpoint did not have the same ‘reach’.

    Super spiky for it to reach beyond the superficial muscles.

  • It’s stiffer than any other foam roller I’ve owned. But that being said, I don’t know how stiff it is compared to a similar roller like the Grid X by TriggerPoint.

Things I’m on the fence about

  • It comes in only black, which is not a bad thing. But black is more susceptible to visible dust appearance.
  • Why is it not sold in shops more? But seriously, it is a good foam roller than deserves more air time in shops.

In Summary

I’m quite happy with how the Fascianator II turned out. As a trail runner who spends many hours training in a week, it’s great to have a tool that’s made equally tough for use in recovery as well as training.

Although a comparison to a similarly stiff foam roller like the TriggerPoint Grid X would make a fairer comparison, I think the Fascianator II can hold its own. Its compelling feature set, such as the invasive spikes, multi-purpose central ridge and its extra stiffness makes it clear alternative to many other foam rollers out there at a similar or lower price point.


Where to buy one

Speaking of price point, The Fascianator II can be purchased online at Primero Fitness for a reasonable price of $54 (at this time of writing).


  • Very High Density Spiked black EVA Foam
  • ABS Core
  • Designed for professional athletes
  • Dimensions: 33cm x 14cm x 14cm

Who are Primero Fitness?

Founded in 2016, Primero has the ongoing mission of being premier manufacturer free-weight and home gym equipment. With over 20 years of fitness experience in the industry, we are innovators and seek to do better and still cheaper than our competitors. In each of our dumbbells, foam rollers and barbells, we constantly refine and fine-tune our designs and our manufacturing practices in the passionate pursuit of perfection. For instance, we define perfection in our dumbbells and barbells as being the gentlest on equipment, safest for people, indestructible, with neutralized odor, a classic look, an awesome feel, and super tight fastening. As a result, we came up with dumbbells and barbells that are made to last for 10 years by being the only ones in Singapore with a virgin rubber coating and stainless steel core.

Check out more of their product range over at their website.

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