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The GRID Foam Roller by Trigger Point

by Azlan

A foam roller is a tool that has been around for quite awhile, aiding many athletes (both amateur and professional) in self-myofascial release, massage and therapy. If you are not able to spare some time to schedule massage session or can’t afford one, then a foam roller would probably the next best tool to have.

There are many foam rollers out in the present market. I first heard about The Fit Bar from my classmate (Hafiz) who owned one, and from another classmate who attended the training course. Although foam rollers are generally not very different in terms of its basic function, one product caught my eye.

The GRID Foam Roller


The GRID Foam Roller by Trigger Point Performance Therapy, added a few more bells and whistles to what a traditional foam roller would have.

  • The bright and lively orange color foam is actually made out of Distrodensity Foam Zones, which comprises of three different zones which allows control of the level and intensity of massage.
  • It is also constructed with less foam when compared to traditional foam rollers. Its hollow core also makes it much lighter to carry around (especially travelling athletes).
  • The Grid is also designed to withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down (constructed from EVA foam)

Distrodensity Foam Zones

The initial sessions with the foam roller was a painful one; an indicator of some tight areas of the body, most notably my left calf and hamstring. Despite having used it for a only handful of sessions, the short term results were quite positive. This was apparent during a recent 10k run in which the calf strain that I had was not as bad as previous encounters.
The only downside of the I can think of is perhaps the price, for $69, it is quite steep compared to other foam rollers in the market. But if you are looking for something that can probably last longer and includes an added feature set, then you may want to consider The GRID.

 The GRID retails for $69, and is available at  Key Power International, #02-48 Velocity@Novena Square (Singapore).

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