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GU Roctane by Energy Gel Addict

by Azlan

It came across my mind this afternoon to write in an entry about it, didn’t think it’d be of use, but perhaps if there’s anyone looking to buy Energy Gel’s and are wanting to try a different place, maybe you can buy from these guys.


How i got to know of this site was rather interesting. Knowing that I would need gels for Sundown, i searched for places online where i could get a reliable source. I visted GNC at Jurong Point a week ago or so and was disappointed i couldn’t find the caffeinated GU Gels, which i held preference over PowerBar’s Power Gel, as they felt more comfortable for my stomach. I ended up on GU’s website looking for places where they sold the Tri-Berry flavor of GU Gels.

After some Googling and consideration, i bought the GU Roctane, which was marketed as a more advanced product more the higher end of the endurance running spectrum (or so i think).

I was quite skeptical to get a box of 24, so out of goodwill, the fellas gave me an offer to buy a pack of 12. Thanks guys! Incidentally, had the opportunity to test the gels out during the recent 2XU Compression Run last Sunday. Not too sure if the short distance had any effect on the gel’s capability on my body, but i did feel good so, no complains as yet about it.

So if you’re interested, hope on over to their website to give it a try.

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Alan April 23, 2011 - 12:51 AM

Hi Azlan, glad you like the GU Roctane! And of course we’re thankful for your kind support too! We’re always trying to make supplements more affordable so that more athletes like your good self could enjoy this sport. Do bring it for longer runs and let us know how you feel about this product. In the meantime, run strong, run with passion! Cheers from team EnergyGelAddict.com!

azlan April 24, 2011 - 10:18 PM

Hi Alan! Thanks so much for the gels. Been looking really heard to get different varieties till i stumbled on your site. Hope to feel its effects for the upcoming races. Cheers!


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