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Salomon Sense Ultra

by Azlan

The Salomon S-LAB Sense Ultra shoe is a low trail running shoe that’s light yet reinforced for tough trails, longer races and extended training.

The folks over at Salomon are exceptionally clever at marketing, in that they have a knack of getting trail runners like myself to dig deep into our savings for their latest offerings. This was no exception, though I have a valid excuse for it (more on that later!).

The Salomon Sense Ultra was announced as a follow-up to the Salomon Sense. The Sense has already established itself as the trail running shoe for racing fast on the trails (and snow if you’re Kilian Jornet, who owns a number of pairs himself).

The Sense Ultra is an evolutionary upgrade from the original Sense. The form factor and size remains the same with its predecessor,  with subtle adjustments based on feedback received from their professional racing team, independent reviewers, and consumers.

The Salomon Sense Ultra

The Salomon Sense Ultra

Improvements include:

  • A more durable midsole compound.
  • Additional grip on the heel and in the midfoot area to cope with midfoot runners and to aid comfort over longer distances.
  • Slight increase in weight (The Sense Ultra weighs in at 210g for a UK 8.5 compared with 195g for the Sense).
  • Profeel chassis or TPU plate now extended to offer support in the mid foot area.
  • More roomier and comfortable Endofit lining for sock-less wear.
Sense and Ultra - one has done 303km, while the other is brand new.

Sense and Ultra – one has done 303km, while the other is brand new.


I took them for a 2 hour run around Macritchie Reservoir (my local trails for you international readers), and I’m pleased to note of the following.

Endofit: I have never ran without socks before, especially on trails. But the updated Endofit lining was very comfortable throughout the 2 hour run. It was snug overall, although it did give me a blister or two after my virgin sock-less run (still enjoyed it).

Traction and Support: Mid and forefoot striking was well supported, more prominently during the downhill segments where abrupt stops and braking are bound to happen.

Water Drainage: Singapore has experienced dry mornings with heavy, rainy afternoons. A consequent of the late rainy weather lead to the forming of many puddles and small streams, which continued to the next morning. The Sense Ultra’s cleared them with ease.


Like most Salomon SLAB products, you really have to pay the premium to get the latest from the trail-running R&D (unless you’re sponsored or have inside connections). The Sense Ultra builds upon the premise of the original Sense, and made it even better, despite a slight increase in weight.

And about my excuse, I bought the Sense Ultra as a secondary shoe for my forthcoming ultra-marathon in March. So there!

Many thanks to RacingThePlanet for informing me about the availability of the size I needed, and the prompt and efficient delivery.

The Salomon Sense Ultra

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