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ASICS DynaFlyte

by Azlan

About 2 months have went by since ASICS Singapore sent me a pair of the ASICS Dynaflyte to review. It’s taken THAT long, but better late than never right?

The Dynaflyte is ASICS newest and lightest cushioning shoe on the market. That was to say it was the lightest shoe for a runner needing extra cushioning for their runs.

In spite of the many running shoes that I own, I do not own many road shoes. In fact, I only have one pair of road shoe at any given time.

As for the shoe type, I’m generally use neutral shoes. Having changed from a motion-control shoe to a neutral shoe improved my running form tremendously. So there was no reason to try a cushioned shoe, as I think that would be for a different type of runner. Perhaps one who was heavier than me (I’m only 50+kg) and need more support for their body-weight.

Nevertheless, ASICS Singapore were generous enough to let me have a pair of their newest offering, the DynaFlyte for me to run in and pen down my thoughts.

Things I like about the shoe

  1. It’s well-built. You’re paying dollar for dollar for a shoe that looks like it came out from a precision factory. It’s firm and solid to hold and wear.
  2. It’s well designed. I like how everything in the shoe is well designed. From the sole to the textured upper and the heel counter. The colors are striking too!
  3. It’s got a responsive yet soft mid-sole. The FlyteFoam does a great job of providing cushioning on every step while keeping the a responsive ride.
  4. It works for a neutral runner. Despite my preference for a neutral shoe, I have no problems running on this at all. The ride of the shoe was pleasant as well, just like a neutral shoe.  So far, I’ve clocked about 99 km on the shoe.

Things I’m on the fence about

  1. The thick upper. The upper is thicker than shoes I’m used to wearing, so I suggest wearing it with thin socks before buying.  I also feel the thick upper can make it very stuffy for a person who sweats a lot in the foot, although I did not experience it.
  2. The weight. My personal preference is towards shoes that are quite flyweight for road running. And perhaps it’s unfair to compare this to say, my Saucony Kinvara 7, as it’s a neutral shoe. But I do feel that I have to exert more effort into running uphill with this shoe than others.
    It's still heavier than my neutrals.
    It's got a decent weight this DynaFlyte

 Where the shoe has been

I took it to France as my travel and training shoe for the UTMB CCC. Although it wasn’t a trail shoe, I did put it through its paces and it held up pretty well!

Using the shoes in France.

Using the shoes in France.

Against the mountains.

Against the mountains.


What I think

If you’re the type of runner who is (a) heavier than me (b) needs more support underfoot for your runs, then give the ASICS DynaFlyte a try. They’re well-built, good-looking and a great shoe to run in. They are currently retailing for  SGD$229 per pair.

ASICS Dynaflyte Factsheet

ASICS Dynaflyte Factsheet

ASICS Dynaflyte Factsheet


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