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New Balance 890

by Azlan

I had the golden opportunity to acquire New Balance’s latest offering, their ultra-lightweight neutral cushioning shoe, the New Balance 890.

The one thing I’ve always liked about New Balance as a company is their ability to reach out to the community through user feedback, which in turn, helps them and the consumer to both benefit.

I believe the shoe was announced sometime before/during/after the Sundown Marathon roadshow, which I wasn’t able to attend because of work. Had intentions of getting one but was put on hold because I wasn’t able to afford it at that time. Nevertheless, i wasn’t going to let it slip by again when New Balance Singapore offered a 40% off from trading in any old running/sports shoe for the new 890.

I then made the trip to Novena to make my acquisition after an early morning run. There were others eagerly waiting to try out and purchase the shoe as well.

The New Balance MR890

But then you must be wondering, why am i buying this shoe when I’m clearly flat footed?

  • Firstly, the shoe looks good.
  • Secondly, i will be looking into breaking the stereotype than runners have to wear shoes that are specific to their own feet type; i shan’t describe further, maybe when I have some quantitative results (Or if you Google around, sports scientists have already made conclusions about it, some agree and some don’t. Or maybe you can read the book i mention about in this post.
  • Thirdly, i can use this shoe when I’m at the gym, or just chilling in sports gear.

It’s a nice shoe to have, seriously.

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