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New Balance British Miler 890v2

by Azlan

New Balance has been a very significant brand in terms of my running development. Brand loyalty aside, I have always found that their product development (and marketing) has improved since the original 890 was released. That said, you will never find brands like New Balance, Brooks, or Vibrams overtaking the likes of Nike or Adidas in terms of market share thanks to their aggressive marketing campaign (citation).

While I was patiently waiting for an opportunity to upgrade to the new 890v2, I was pleasantly surprised when I received news of the launch of a unique version of the 890.  Lo and behold, The New Balance British Miler 890v2.

From The British Miler website:

In 1954, Roger Bannister became the first man to run the mile in under four minutes—an achievement that inspired generations of British Milers. Now, seven men from Team New Balance are on a quest to honor their country’s legacy by racing to earn a spot on team Great Britain. Watch exclusive behind-the-scenes footage as these Milers push through the emotional and physical tolls of training. With their countrymen looking on, they take to the track to prove they are among Britain’s fastest.

I have only ran once with the shoe, so I can’t thoroughly comment on the performance difference, aside that lower drop height to make the overall ride much better. I will update more on this again in the near future. In the meantime, here are some of the pictures I took of the new release.



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