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New Balance MT10 Minimus Trail

by Azlan

The New Balance MT10 Minimus Trail is a minimalist trail shoe, jointly developed with ultra-marathon runner Anton Krupicka. It brings the near barefoot experience to running, without compromising too much on safety. I was really hoping the shoe the MT10 would come to Singapore sooner after watching the promotional video above. That thought became a reality when New Balance Singapore launched a preview and sale of limited stocks of the MT10 and MR10 this month.

My own words wouldn’t do it much justice, so head over to this website for a more comprehensive publication/review on the shoe itself.

In my opinion, coming from the majority of runners who didn’t think of going barefoot, the MT10 Minimus is a fine exception. It’s a good look shoe, with an attractive feature set, which doesn’t scream ‘I’m a Vibram runner!’, yet, yields almost the same result. Remember, key word, almost; I’ll reserve judgement to yourself as I’m not qualified to make such a statement. The shoe, to me, is a good transition shoe to the minimalist form of running, which may/may not end up as barefoot running.

I took the MT10 out for a short 4.5k run earlier, aside from a suspected Tendinitis, which in this case is really sore spot just above my right ankle, the shoe interestingly, made me aware of how I landed, in a way, it worked my brain more in keeping my body safe in the motion of running. However, I’m not too patient on taking time to let my body adapt to this new form of running, so perhaps I will use it for day-to-day walking instead.

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