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The Skint Wallet

by Azlan

The Skint Wallet is the world’s lightest, most flexible, compact full-size wallet! Fit for all credit card, Oyster card, Octopus card and notes around the world. Best choice for travel, out-door exercise and those who looking for minimum weight when going out.

A brief history

I discovered the Skint Wallet earlier in January while in town for the Hong Kong 100 race. While at Gone Running, I noticed this small little wallet on display. Curious that it was the only wallet there, myself, Ian and Andy inquired more. Joe Joe, who I realized later to be quite a famous runner, explained to us about the wallet and the three of us bought one each to bring back to Singapore and try.

After returning from the race, I started using the wallet quite regularly on my long training runs. It was useful when carrying some of the more essential cards and cash without having the added weight and bulk of a traditional wallet. Its size also made it easier to pair it with a zip lock bag to it dry when carrying in a running shorts or pack.

It's a lot thinner and lighter than my comparably small wallet.

It’s a lot thinner and lighter than my comparably small wallet.

Things I like about it

  1. It can carry a fair bit of cards comfortably. In this example, I’ve put about 5 – mostly essential cards and some cash.
  2. It’s pretty light. No seriously.
  3. It’s really easy to use. Just slide the appropriate items in their respective slots.
  4. And it fits my WAA 3 in 1 shorts very well!

Things I’m on the fence about

  • The wallet isn’t waterproof (no surprises here). Thus you will have to pair it with a zip lock bag to keep it dry in your pocket or running pack. Nitpicky runners will probably just put everything in a zip lock, but I prefer having more organization to keep my cards.
  • It may or may not replace your day-to-day wallet, which is a personal preference. But there’s nothing much to nitpick about this wallet given it’s versatility.

In Summary

The Skint Wallet does a great job of keeping cards and cash during my long training sessions. It’s lightweight, affordable and for the most part, is what I really need for running. I’d highly recommend it to any runner looking for wallet alternatives for running or even for a non-runner looking for a minimalist wallet.

Where to buy one

The Skint Wallet is available online at www.skintwallets.com. Shipping fee is at USD$3 flat. You can also get 10% off purchases if you use the code ‘SGAzlan10‘.

The Skint Wallet Specifications

  • Credit card size 6cm x 9cmx 1cm
  • 20g in weight
  • Holds 10+ cards & all majority of the notes around the world
  • Elastic strap that secure notes well packed
  • Stretch-fit wallets
  • Ultra Compact
  • Push-up windows and full length billfold
  • washable and quick dry
  • Soft to the touch and fits comfortably in any pocket

So…. you want to win one?

Update: Thanks for the entries! The winners will be announced on my Facebook!


In collaboration with Skint Wallet in Hong Kong. I’m giving away one, two, three wallets! Rules are pretty simple.

  1. Contest is open to anyone residing in Singapore with a valid Singapore address. (Sorry overseas folks!)
  2. Only one person per wallet colour per entry. (So decide on your preferred colour carefully!)
  3. Winners will be sorted and picked using a random number generator.
  4. In the event that a particular colour does not have any winners, I will select the winner for that colour from the remaining entries.
  5. Contest closes on 12th October, Wednesday at 9am. Winners will be contacted and announced on my Facebook page.

All you have to do is like and share this blog post, then fill out the form below.

  1. Like and share this post on your Facebook wall or re-post it on Instagram. Remember to include the hashtag #SkintWallets or #SkintWallet
  2. Fill up the form below.

Good luck!

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