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by Azlan

As of 2016, I’m the brand ambassador and/or sponsored athlete for the following brands.

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WAA Ultra Equipment is a French company specializing in equipment and apparel for the ultra athlete. As of 2016, I join a group of 100 elite and non-elite athletes as part of the WAA Expert Team.




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Click here to visit the website.

Nuke Optics is a eye-wear company from Singapore, my home country. Established in 2012, the company has been responsible for the introduction of the revolutionary modular based eye-wear system dubbed The Venom series.  The company has set a first of what would be a complete Eco-system for eye-wear with an emphasis on design, user friendliness and customization.

My relationship with Nuke Optics began early last year after being accepted into their sponsorship program for 2014. I brought along the sunglasses with me to the 2014 Sabah Adventure Challenge. It worked great for the race and I later used it for all my races for the rest of the year. Around the same time, two good friends (and now team-mates) Ian and Wei Chong were also accepted into the program.

The support that Nuke Optics has given me has been tremendous and for that, this relationship has been renewed for a second year. I’ am very thankful to be associated and be part of an enterprising local company which makes great products which not only look good, but performs well.




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