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2018 Retrospect

by Azlan

I don’t really have much to say or know what else is there to write about. 2018 came and went by in flash. So much happened and in quick succession.

The Mileage

To start off, I ran the most in 2018. The cumulated mileage this year surpassed every other year since I started tracking my runs with a GPS watch. It’s quite amazing. I think it’s no secret that having a consistent base, good recovery, and a structured training schedule works wonders to keep the legs and body fresh throughout the year. I’m still being coached by Andy Dubois, in case anyone’s asking.

The DNF’s

This was easy. Translantau and UTMB. The former, a race which I wanted to best my timing from my first attempt, and the latter, my maiden and dream 100-miler race. Both were swept underneath my feet. One literally as I fell front-first into the ground, and the other, as I sat haplessly exhausted waiting for the sweepers came to pick us up. You can read more about in the previous few posts.

Having said that, I’am always grateful to be able to go to Chamonix for the third year a in a row. It feels like going home every time the opportunity to go back there beckons. This year we had a great time, for sure.

With the 2018 UTMB Crew.

The Marathon PB

A Sub-4 hour marathon still eludes me, but this was my greatest marathon by far. I ran 4:16:14, besting my previous time of 4:20:55. It’s also worth noting that I was still training during the fasting month when the race took place.

The Age

I turned 30 just a month ago, which seemed to wrap up everything I deemed wrong with myself and my life at this junction of time. I still loved to run, but I felt a sense of weariness about it. Like what else could I be doing, aside from this.

Those personal turmoils, together with the two aforementioned DNF’s, made me reconnect with a couple of personal goals that I’ve been wanting to start for a long time. There are of course, other things that require sorting out, which my take a long, long time to deal with.

The Future

No plans at all. Well, I will be running the Ultra-Trail Tai Mo Shan this weekend. But beyond that, nothing. No other races. Probably best to keep it that way too.

See you in the future.

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