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One last monologue

by Azlan

It is that time of the year, for sure. The time to recap the days gone by in the year, and look forward to the next.

To be honest, I haven’t been inspired to write about anything since CCC. Unlike training and racing, writing (and producing content) has its own set of challenges and intricacies. Since I first started blogging in 2003, I found writing to be the best outlet for an introvert like myself to communicate. Though not a great/good writer, it’s still the best form of expression and creativity for me.

However, the spark to write usually comes at odd hours, which often times is just before I head to bed. By then, I would prefer to just sleep to recover from a day in the office and training after that. So if you’re reading this, mind you that it has taken some weeks to pen my thoughts down

2017 was by far the most productive year of running I’ve had. I completed two races I had DNFed the year before, ran my fastest 100km race, and ran my best marathon (from a performance standpoint). I won’t explain so much about it; you can read the individual post’s that I’ve written here on my site. But undoubtedly, there was a heavy focus on training this year. Lots of time spent training on the track, stairs, road and trail.

But it has been a struggle at times; a five-day training schedule is quite strenuous for a working adult. There are days when you have just so much work to do, and yet you think about the training session that’s coming up later in the evening. It can also be difficult when you have other responsibilities in life outside of just running. Having said that, it was my choice to endure a five-day training schedule, for I want to be the best trail runner I can possibly be. At the end of the day, I still look forward to training, as it’s my escape from the reality of the working life.

There are of course many people who have been part of my journey this year, whether directly or indirectly. My mom for example, for just being there, Coach Andy‘s guidance through training, Physio Reggie for his magic hands, my sponsors WAA and Nuke Optics, and of course, my close friends (both running and not) and the community itself. There’s probably too many to list down, but rest assure, if you are reading this, you would have played a role in my year.

Besides racing, another high point of the year was the UTMB sharing session with Paviter. I would never have imagined to share my race experience in a more formalized setting, but I pitched the idea anyhow. It was the first time the both of us came forward to share our running experiences. And the turnout was quite awesome as well, with about 60 people or so attending.

Outside of running though, I’ve achieved nothing for the year. Not that there’s anything to achieve. But, well, nothing prominent happened. 2017 was the year where I saw a few of my close friends getting married. I’m especially happy for both, especially having seen them progress through life and finally someone to settle down with.

As I writing this post, I began to think about, my personal life; the one outside running. It’s ironic because, running has always been an escape; both figuratively and metaphorically. But as much as I would like to think that running is my life; it really isn’t. There are other things that I’d like to do and people but I’d like to be with. Some things are of course, beyond my control and will. I was quite devastated by something I found out just recently. So… I don’t know. I’ll go self implode now I guess.

See you in 2018.

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