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NUS Bizad Charity Run 2015

by Azlan

The NUS Bizad Charity Run, organized by the NUS Business School, marks the 5th edition of the annual run which coincides with the schools 50th Anniversary celebrations.

This was my 2nd time participating in this race, despite having worked in NUS previously for about 4 years. I enjoyed running this race for its hilly terrain and also because it was smaller in scale to other public road races.

The race pack this year had vastly improved as compared to the previous year and included a magazine, a leaflet, the race bib and event t-shirt all packed in a shoe bag; a practical option instead of a regular bag or draw-string bag. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that 2ndSkin, a clothing company based Malaysia specializing in athletic wear, was the apparel provider for the event t-shirt. 2ndSkin also provided the event t-shirt for the Sabah Adventure Challenge series of races that I’ve been taking part in for the last 2 years. They even have their own running team!

The race atmosphere was very different as well.  This was due of the inclusion of other programs that made up the schools 50th Anniversary celebration. I didn’t stay on for long after the race, but I did take a snapshot of the concourse where much was happening.

A view of the concourse at the NUS Business School.

A view of the concourse at the NUS Business School.


I had not specifically trained for this race, as the bulk of my training program was focused on long, steady hours on the trails and lots of stairs climbing. But as with most road races, I usually try to give my all and get a good timing. Despite the occasionally rainy weather and cooling temperature in the preceding days, Saturday afternoon was a hot one. I had chosen to skip the first water point to shave off my time, but when I reached the second one, my throat was really dry.

Having worked in NUS before gave me a tactical edge over most of the other runners. To put it simply, I knew where I was going and I knew where all the hills were. I took my time on the uphills and leapfrogged a couple of runners on certain sections on the road.

For example; I already knew how far it was to the finish line when I reached Pasir Panjang Road, so I maintained a steady paced, picked up a bit more speed as the school came into view, then went all out from the zebra crossing till the finish line.

I finished in about 35th place.

It was a great event, much better than last years. Though there were quite a number of things that can be improved with regards to the safety of runners. Some runners have discussed it in detail on the SGRunners forum as well as posted their feedback on the NUS Bizad Facebook page.

Photo Credits: NUS Bizad Photographers
Photo Credits: NUS Bizad Photographers
Photo Credits: NUS Bizad Photographers
Photo Credits: Running Shots
Photo Credits: Runcapture
Photo Credits: Tan Kim Lai

A quick shout to the photographers who came to take pictures of the runners! Click on one of the links below to view the event gallery taken by them.

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