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Terry Fox Run 2015

by Azlan

After a 2 year hiatus, I have finally returned to run the 2015 edition of the Terry Fox Run (Singapore)!

Back in 2011, I gathered a couple of friends (and their friends) and we decided to take part in the first edition of the non-competitive Terry Fox Run. We ran it again in 2012, before taking a hiatus due to other commitments in our lives. When the 2015 edition was announced late last year, I decided to invite those friends again to register for the run.

I have always enjoyed the Terry Fox Run, namely because it was one of the few races left in Singapore that was very no frills, but also because I was a fan of Terry Fox and the motivation he had to raise awareness for the disease he was carrying, despite the lack of attention from the public at that time.

As with the notion of no frills, that meant

  1. You give to the charity.
  2. You can choose to buy the optional event t-shirt and cap.
  3. You come for the run!

There were no race bibs, race packs whatsoever. The main goal was to raise money for cancer research and at the same time, bring everyone together for a good morning run.

I was quite surprised at the large turnout of people who came for the event this year. The competitive runner in me wanted to be right up at the front of the line. But I came a little late, so I started somewhere in the middle and ran on my own at tempo 10k pace. I felt very comfortable despite only drinking coffee for breakfast. It did help that the winds at East Coast Park that morning were very cooling (too cold at some points!).

I finished the race in about 47-48 minutes. Post race activities included hand outs of giant cookies and bananas by the volunteers, as well as Milo as a post-race beverage dispensed from the Milo truck which the organizers kindly catered.

In short, I would gladly come back again next year for this run! It was well-organized, no frills and for a good cause. Cheers to next year!

Photo taken by Running Shots.
The crew that came for this years run, plus and minus a few people.
Ran the race with some of the gear of my sponsors. Namely the Nuke Optics Blitz XI and the Simple Hydration bottle.

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